“She looked at me penetratingly. So, I suppose you can figure out what happened next.” IGGY POP

Pressiat's encounter between Marilyn Monroe and Iggy Pop sets the glamorous tone. His collection blends Victorian elegance with Hollywood glamour and anarchic eighties style.

Sculptural silhouettes and tailored pieces, including constructed harness cages and bouffant-sleeved jackets, cater to all genders. Nudes and blacks dominate the palette, with transparency playing a key role.

Tim Burtonesque gothic elements, such as ripped jackets and chain dresses, add a rebellious edge. Sensual lingerie-inspired details, like slashed nylon tights, symbolize resilience in the face of societal change. Soft, cocooning fabrics offer comfort and protection, while reconverted prism-shaped bags and platform boots complete the looks.

Pressiat's muses, embracing scandal, add depth to the shows, revealing a hidden discontent beneath 50s perfection.

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